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Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Plainfield, IL

The Grand Finale – Seven Years of Home Remodeling Comes to A Beautiful End!

JW Takes on the Last of the Home Remodeling Project for an old Client  

We met our client, Alex of Plainfield, IL through The Tile Shop of Naperville seven years ago. The first project that we did for him was the conversion of a laundry room into a bathroom. After that we completed multiple home projects for him. We loved the fact that Alex thought through all his projects, and was never rushed to get his entire house done at one go. The result is a beautiful home that reflects his tastes and personality and is a pleasure to walk into.

The last major project that we completed for Alex involved taking the master bathroom that was very large in size with a lot of unused potential. reconverting this bathroom has not only made the bathroom updated to today’s current styles but we were able to max out the bathroom’s full potential.

The bathroom began  from the ideas of Pottery Barn’s bathroom ads and our client wanted us to reinvent the bathroom along one of their bathroom styles. In order to do so, we purchased the matching tile, which was Carrara Marble from The Tile Shop of Naperville. The double bowl vanities and bathroom free standing consoles was directly purchased from Pottery Barn.

All the plumbing fixtures were provided by William F Meyer Plumbing Supply in Aurora. All the accessories were inspired by Pottery Barn’s displayed ad and were purchased as a complete set from Kohler’s series.

The end result was a very satisfied customer. We hope he enjoys his beautiful home for years to come!

Here are pictures of the bathroom:

Pottery Barn Vanity with Marble Countertop

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Plainfield, IL


Bath Fixtures in a Plainfield, IL Bathroom Remodel


A View of the Bathroom Remodel in Plainfield, IL


Carrara Marble Floors in Plainfield, IL Bathroom Remodel

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