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Cold Weather Plumbing Tips From Naperville Plumbing Experts

Cold Weather Plumbing Tips 

As temperature plummets and parts of the country enter a deep freeze, there are many plumbing problems that can occur and cause severe damage to your home or commercial space. Plumbing emergencies are always tragic and can create devastating damages to any building structure. However, there are several steps that you, the homeowner, can take to avoid a disaster from occurring due to the freezing cold:

1.       Keep your thermostat between 75o – 80o. Keeping warm air circulating will prevent water pipes from freezing and causing major water leaks. I understand that this tempature setting seems to be high, however understanding that your thermastat is located in one area of your house the other areas of your house are at other tempatures. We have seen pipes up to 10+ feet in a house burst. It does and can happen, so it is best to be on the safe side.

2.       Let water trickle from your faucets during night time. This will prevent water from freezing as moving water does not freeze. Keep the trickle to a minimum. Also keep sink cabinet doors open to allow the heat to fill into the cabinets.

3.       Watch for water pressure. A restricted water flow is a sign of frozen pipes. If you notice this, call a us at Today ASAP and we will talk you through the water meter shut off process if you do not know how to shut your water off. Also it is a good to teach everyone in the house to shut the water main down.

4.       Make sure your garden hose is disconnected before the deep freeze sets in. If left connected, ice can form and exert pressure on water lines inside the home causing pipes to burst and cause severe water damage. Most of the time you will not even know about this damage to the water line until the first time you turn on the hose.

5.       Check your water drainage from your sump pump to make sure snow is not blocking it. If there is snow blocking the drainage, water could back up and freeze in the discharge pipe causing your pump to burn out. It could also set off your battery back up system. If you have a basement and do not have a battery back up system I advise you to get one. We provide those services, if needed.

6.       Check for cold air drafts, especially in basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Cold air can cause freezing. Make sure water pipes are insulated in such spaces and try to insulate the area to stop the draft.

Taking these precautions will prepare your home for the extreme cold temperature and minimize plumbing damages.

Cold Weather Plumbing Tips from Your Naperville Plumbing Experts

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Master Bathroom Remodel in Downers Grove, IL

Master Bathroom Remodel with Bells & Whistles in Downers Grove, IL

October 15, 2013

Today, we started a master bathroom remodel for Terri & JT Waite. We were referred to them by their friends – our existing clients. We will be removing all the current tiles, vanity, the mirrors, enlarging the shower, installing a new bathtub, new vanity with granite tops along with beaitiful new tiles & plumbing fixtures. We will also be installing warm wires throughout the main floors of the bathroom.

Here’s a picture of the tear-out.

Downers Grove Bathroom Remodeling - Servces

October 17, 2013

Today, we’re over at the Waite’s – we will be installingthe rough plumbing for the shower that will include two showerheads, one hand-held with a slide bar and 3-body sprays. We will also be installing a brand-new air-jetted bathtub. We will be pouring the shower floor, installing warm wires on the main floor, and pro-sealing over the warm wire. We will be ready for tile installation for tomorrow morning.

This is what the bathroom looked like when we started the work today:

Bathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

October 25, 2013

Sometimes, problems occur in a remodeling project. Over at the Waite’s project, during the installation of the drywall, a screw went into one of the water lines. Mr. Waite woke up at 1AM to go to the bathroom and heard water dripping and found out that water was leaking through the ceiling on the first floor all the way to the basement. He called the owner of at 1:09 AM. Mr Waite lives in Downers Grove, IL and in Naperville. By 1:25 AM, arrived at Mr. Waite’s front door, and oversaw all the damage that was created by the water damage.

The water was shut off, holes were put in the drywall to release the water in the ceiling & walls. Water remained shut off until 7AM and water was shortly turned back on once the crew arrived at 7AM at the Waite’s residence and fixed the hole in the copper waterline.

Here are a few water damage pics from the basement & dining room, which had to be repainted to repair the water damage:

Bathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

House Painting Services Downers Grove - JW Construction & Design Studio Services  House Painting Services in Downers Grove, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

November 2, 201

As of today’s date, all the drywall that was removed from the water damage has been installed and we’re currently in the process of priming all of the new drywall as we have our crew tiling the master bathroom. Here’s a pic of the bathroom remodel in-progress:

Stay tuned in as we get close to finishing the Waite’s master bath remodel.

November 22, 2013

The Waites’ bathroom has come a long way. The shower has been tiled in beautiful travertine with a stone mosaic border. Top of the line water features, including two showerheads, one hand-held with a slide bar and 3-body sprays have been installed. Here are a couple of pics of the shower:

Downers Grove Bathroom Remodeling - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesBathroom Remodeling in Downers Grove, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services



Spa Bathroom in Naperville, IL (Beautiful ‘After’ Pics!)

JW to build a Spa-like Master Bathroom in Naperville, IL

August 29, 2013

We’ve started work on Dan & Candice Richardson’s master bathroom. We will be removing all of the tiles throughout the bathroom. we will be removing and installing both vanities – one on each side of the tub. We will be installing travertine tiles throughout the master bathroom.

We will be enlarging the size of the sower, both in width & height, adding can lights in the cathedral ceiling, one each on side of the bath skylights and inside the shower as well. We will also install new plumbing in the shower to accomodate the homeowner’s desires for a spa-like bathroom.

Here are a couple of pictures of day 1 of tear-out.

bathroom remodelinG Chicago - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesNaperville Bathroom Remodel - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

September 15, 2013

Today, we enlarged the shower size, by removing a vacant wall. We had found that there was a laundry shute in the vacant area. The Richardsons were OK with us removing the shute completely, which gave us the ability to expand the shower an extra 2 ft. and we removed the soffit which gave us an extra foot and a half of headroom. We installed two 4″ mini shower cans and we installed LED in the cans to increase te brigtness of the shower.

On the primary wall of the shower, we framed out a shower niche, roughly a foot and a half by 3 ft. After installing new rough plumbing fictures, we closed off the shower with permabase & waterproofed the shower prior to tile installation.

September 30, 2013

The Richardsons had picked out light walnut bucak polished travertine tile for the shower walls with the tub deck and surround along with a larger sized light walnut bucak for the floor. We used a glass mosaic for a linear inlay around the tub area and full sheet for the back of the shower niche.

October 15, 2013

We are back at the Richardsons for the finishing touches of their bathroom remodeling project. We got dark cherry cabinets installed with granite countertops, new light fictures on each side of the mirror and we purchased new mirror frames to go around the existing mirrors to give it a brand new look. We will be posting pictures of the new bathroom soon.

November 5, 2013

We’re finally at the Richardson residence to take photos of their “new” master bathroom. Dan and Candice have now decided to remodel their hall bathroom. We’re now in the process of going over the fine details of the material tat is going to be installed. Stay tuned in as we start blogging the Richardsons’ hall bathroom remodeling project.

Enjoy the pics!

Master Bathroom Remodel in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesShower Tile Installation in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

Tile Installation in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

Electrical in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services



Bathroom Sanctuary for a Naperville, IL Couple

JW to Build a Bathroom Sanctuary for a Naperville, IL Couple

April 27th, 2013

This is a new project that is taking on. It’s a master bathroom for Dave & Phyllis of Naperville, IL where we’ll be removing the tub, the shower, and the toilet and relocating the toilet, tub, and increasing the shower for new spa-like bathroom. We will be installing super slope can lights in the ceiling – one that will be directly centered above the master shower and above the toilet. We will also be installing an ultra-quiet exhaust fan. A new Airjet tub will be installed in approximately the same location as the old tub.

Bathroom Remodeling Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesBathroom Remodeling Chicago area - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

April 30th, 2013

We have removed one vanity for our new location of the toilet. The bathroom will now only have one vanity. Travertine tile will be installed throughout the shower, the main floor, the tub deck, and backsplash the walls. Here is a picture of the 12X20 inch floor tile installation work-in-progress.  We will post more pictures of our progress later this week.​

Bathroom Tile Installation - JW Construction & Design Studio Services




May 8, 2013

Just a quick update of last week from Dave & Phyllis of Naperville. Their shower panliner was installed with the rough plumbing consisting of showerhead, one handheld, and two body sprays. The tub was cracked and we’re waiting on the tub, so we built the tub deck and installed permabase on the shower walls and main floor. In the shower, we seal-proofed all the permabase on the walls by siliconing all the seam lines and protecting it by painting Proshield on the permabase. We installed 12X20 inch tiles on the main floor in a brick pattern and a porcelain 13X 13 inch tile straight pattern on the shower walls. On the main water wall, we installed a picture frame around all the plumbing fixtures. Updated photos of this week’s work will be posted soon.

May 14, 2013

The bathroom remodel is progressing really well. We’ve finished tile installation on the shower walls, shower floor, tub surround, and the bathroom floor. Here are some photos of the bathroom progress.

Shower Tile Installation  - JW Construction & Design Studio Services


Water Feature Wall in Naperville, il - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesJune 15, 2013

We are ready to unveil the new bathroom that we built for Dave & Phyllis. The homeowners are ecstatic and so are we.


Master Bath Remodel in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services


Shower Tile Installation in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services


Plumbing Services Naperville - JW Construction & Design Studio Services



Striking Noir Travertine Hall Bathroom Remodel

Striking Noir Travertine Hall Bathroom Remodel for Existing Clients

April 1, 2013

7:30 AM – We are back again at Eric & Debbie Gustafson’s house. We did a complete kitchen remodel for them last year that came out amazing (Read about that Naperville kitchen remodeling project and view before-after pictures). We are now in the upstairs hall bath. We will remove everything today and be installing a new tub, shower valve and prepping for our tile installation tomorrow. Here is a before pic of the bathroom.

Hall Bathroom Remodeling in Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio ServicesHall Bathroom Remodel Naperville, IL - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

4:00 PM – By the end of the day, we finished the bathroom tear out, installed a new bathtub and new permabase on the shower walls and the floor, roughed in plumbing and prepared the bathroom for tile installation, which will begin tomorrow. The home owners have selected a striking noir travertine for their shower area and floor. Stay tuned in – we’ll be posting progress pictures soon.

April 5, 2013

The Gustafson hall bathroom has been tiled in, plumbing fixtures have been installed and the bathroom is looking striking! We still have to install the vanity, electrical fictures, and the mirror. Here is a shot of the bath with the new noir travertine tiles – Enjoy!

Hall Bathroom Remodeling Chicago, IL with Noir travertine Tiles - JW Construction & Design Studio Services

We will unveil the brand new hall bathroom very soon!